Perfect Dermal Peel

Perfect Dermal Peel

Discover the key to perfect skin through the Perfect Dermal Peel from Roha Medical Spa. This tailored approach ensures an ideal match for your skin’s specific needs, making it more than just a treatment. Our goal is to help you discover your inner beauty. Ready to set off on the path to flawless skin? Book Your Ideal Dermal Peel now.


What is Perfect Dermal Peel?

The Perfect Dermal Peel is a cutting-edge skincare procedure created to restore and renew the skin, offering a life-changing experience to people who want a more beautiful complexion. To address various skin conditions, this peel uses a unique body chemical peel blend that promotes skin health and improves overall appearance.

How Does It Work?

At Roha Medical Spa, a comprehensive consultation is done before the Perfect Dermal Peel is applied. This enables skincare experts to evaluate each client’s unique skin type, issues, and objectives. Based on this evaluation, the peel is modified to guarantee the best outcomes.
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and antioxidant components comprise the Perfect Dermal Peel solution, which is expertly applied to the desired locations. The concentrations and selection of acids are precisely calibrated to target particular skin issues.

Following application, the peel enters the skin’s outer layers, starting a carefully regulated chemical reaction. This response does two things. Firstly, it exfoliates the skin by removing damaged and dead cells from its outermost layers. Second, the mixture promotes the synthesis of collagen, an essential protein that keeps skin elastic and firm. This rejuvenating procedure stimulates collagen synthesis, which improves the skin’s overall resilience and youthful appearance and promotes a smoother and more refined skin texture through exfoliation.

The outer layers of the skin start to peel during the next few days. The intended and natural result of the treatment is this peeling process. It means old, damaged skin cells are removed, revealing brand-new skin.
The skin underneath is exposed as the peeling deepens. This newly restored skin frequently has a younger glow, is more even-toned, and is smoother. Reduction of flaws and enhanced texture are a result of the controlled exfoliation.
The skincare experts at Roha Medical Spa give clients detailed after-peel care recommendations after the Perfect Dermal Peel. Usually, this includes recommendations for skincare products, sun protection, and things to stay away from while the body is recuperating.


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Benefits of Perfect Dermal Peel

The Perfect Dermal Peel encourages the creating of new, healthy skin cells by promoting exfoliation and eliminating dead skin cells. As a result, the texture of the skin is enhanced, appearing more refined and smooth.
Through the stimulation of collagen formation, the peel aids in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. This promotes general skin smoothness and results in a more young and refreshed appearance.
The peel focuses on areas of uneven skin tone, such as those impacted by discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and UV damage. It helps to produce a complexion that is more harmonic and balanced.
Acne-prone skin can be effectively treated with the Perfect Dermal Peel. It promotes more even and clearer skin by assisting in the management of acne outbreaks and potentially minimizing the appearance of acne scars.
The peel encourages the elimination of damaged skin layers and targets sunspots, freckles, and other indicators of sun damage. This makes the appearance more youthful and vibrant.
One important protein that gives skin its firmness and suppleness is collagen. The Perfect Dermal Peel promotes the development of collagen, which gives skin a more young and supple texture.
Exfoliation reduces the visibility of enlarged pores, leaving the skin looking smoother and more polished.
The peel improves the absorption of skincare products by eliminating the outer layer of dead skin cells. Therefore, the skin becomes more hydrated and nourished.
An overall more luminous and brighter complexion is a result of the regulated exfoliation and rejuvenation process. The skin takes back its vibrant, healthy appearance.
Precise treatment of tiny wrinkles is possible due to the targeted application of the peel around delicate areas like the mouth and eyes. This targeted method improves the peel’s ability to rejuvenate specific regions and gives them a more youthful appearance.
Melasma, a common skin condition characterized by dark areas, can be managed and pigmentation lightened with the help of the Perfect Dermal Peel. This all-encompassing method assists people in achieving a skin tone that is brighter and even.

Why Choose Us for Your Perfect Dermal Peel?

Expertise and Professionalism

Our team at Roha Medical Spa is made up of skilled estheticians and skin care specialists who are committed to providing knowledgeable advice and individualized care. Our extensive experience and expertise will guarantee that your Perfect Dermal Peel is performed expertly and precisely.

Customized Approach

We are aware that every person has a different type of skin. Our highly tailored approach to the Perfect Dermal Peel takes into account your unique skin type, problems, and desired results. This guarantees that the procedure is customized to meet your particular skincare requirements.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our spa’s cutting-edge amenities provide a refined and cozy setting for your skincare journey. We place a high priority on using cutting-edge technology to improve the Perfect Dermal Peel’s efficacy while maintaining your comfort and safety.

Comprehensive Consultation

A thorough consultation is the first step in your skincare journey. We listen carefully to your objectives, evaluate your skin, and address any concerns you may have. A customized and successful treatment plan is built around this in-depth consultation.

Patient-Centric Approach

Your needs are our top priority at Roha Medical Spa. Your comfort, happiness, and well-being are our top priorities during the whole undertaking. You will experience confidence, support, and a sense of being heard when you choose to have the Perfect Dermal Peel thanks to our patient-centric approach.

Proven Track Record

We have gained the trust and satisfaction of our clientele with our excellent skincare procedures, such as the Perfect Dermal Peel. The range of happy clients we have served is proof of the caliber and potency of our offerings.

Holistic Skincare Solutions

In addition to the Ideal Dermal Peel, we provide a variety of holistic skincare treatments. For long-term skin health promotion and to optimize the effects of your peel, our experts can offer advice for supplementary treatments and skincare routines.

Educational Approach

We think that educating our consumers with information about their skin may empower them. We spend time educating you on the Perfect Dermal Peel, its advantages, and how to take care of your skin after treatment as you go. You can use this information to make well-informed decisions on your skincare regimen.


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In general, there are no significant age limitations for the Perfect Dermal Peel. Age is not as important in determining if a peel is appropriate as individual skin conditions and goals are. Our skincare experts will provide you with a consultation to determine if the treatment is appropriate for you.
A Perfect Dermal Peel is frequently still appropriate for people who have a history of allergies or skin issues. To determine eligibility and make any required modifications to the treatment plan based on the unique health of your skin, a comprehensive consultation is needed.
When pregnant or nursing, it’s best to stay away from some skincare procedures, such as chemical peels. Even though the Perfect Dermal Peel is usually well tolerated, it’s important to speak with your doctor and our skincare specialists for specific recommendations depending on your particular circumstances.
Depending on the specific skin goals, the frequency of Perfect Dermal Peel treatments can change. For best results, people should get a peel every four to six weeks. During your session, the suggested frequency will be customized and discussed.
A Perfect Dermal Peel session’s length can change depending on the kind of peel and the needs of the patient. The operation could take half an hour to an hour on average. During your consultation, your skincare specialist will give you a more precise estimate.

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