Mesoscience Facial


Mesoscience Facial

Are you ready to reveal a new you? Discover the Mesoscience Facial, a cutting-edge procedure that can change the appearance of your skin. The Mesoscience Facial is the answer if you’re looking for a way to get rid of wrinkles, even out your skin tone, and look younger. Make the first move toward beautiful skin. Reach out to us right away to set up your appointment.

What is Mesoscience Facial?

The renewal of your skin is the primary goal of the ultra-modern, non-invasive treatment Mesoscience Facial. By carefully distributing vital nutrients and active chemicals deep inside your skin’s layers, it achieves this. Utilizing a customized tool that makes use of cutting-edge microinjection technology enables this.


How does it Work?

To generate microchannels in your skin, our team of skilled experts uses the power of this equipment. These tiny channels serve as the ideal delivery systems for essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to reach particular skin regions directly. This careful procedure promotes production of collagen and general skin health. The Mesoscience Facial is therefore the ideal choice for those who want to obtain a more youthful appearance and improve the texture of their skin. You can enjoy notable improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin thanks to Mesoscience Facial’s innovative and extremely successful approach to skin rejuvenation. A thorough and long-lasting metamorphosis is guaranteed by the treatment’s careful delivery of nutritious and natural ingredients.

Benefits of Mesoscience Facial

Mesoscience Facial is exceptionally effective in boosting collagen production, a crucial protein necessary for skin cell level regeneration. This procedure gives you a glowing, young complexion. Your skin will repay you by becoming more radiant and healthy-looking. Mesoscience Facial can give you the natural, healthy glow you’ve always wanted or the youthful glow you’ve been yearning for. Your skin will repay you by becoming more radiant.
Mesoscience Facial is invincible against wrinkles and fine lines. These aging symptoms are the focus of this treatment, which helps to reduce their visibility. The outcome? Your confidence is restored by skin that is smoother and younger. The Mesoscience Facial is made to improve your appearance by minimizing these outward indications of aging, whether you have fine lines, crow’s feet, or other wrinkles.
For many people, uneven skin texture can be a cause of frustration. Your complexion will be balanced with the Mesoscience Facial, giving you a smoother, more elegant appearance. Bid adieu to roughness, blotchiness, and uneven hyper pigmentation. The Mesoscience Facial is made to assist you in achieving a more harmonic and even skin tone, regardless of whether you’ve struggled with redness, uneven pigmentation, or other tone-related issues.
The Mesoscience Facial’s microinjection technique does more than just give necessary nutrients. Additionally, it improves how well topical skincare products are absorbed. The benefits of your favorite serums and creams will be maximized, making your usual skincare routine even more effective. After a Mesoscience Facial, your skin type is more able to absorb the nourishing active ingredients in your favorite serums and creams.
Lack of time on your hands need not prevent you from having healthier, more youthful and healthy skin. The non-invasive alternative Mesoscience Facial procedure is renowned for having little to no downtime. Without the hassle of a protracted healing time, you can benefit from skin renewal. This implies that you can plan your appointment, take pleasure in the treatment, and promptly get back to your regular routines.


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How Should You Prepare for Your Mesoscience Facial Session?


A personal consultation with one of our knowledgeable skin care specialists is the first step on your path to gorgeous, youthful skin. We will evaluate the state of your skin, talk about your individual facial and skin care objectives, and develop a professional treatment plan that is unique to you during this appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, now is the moment to address them so that your Mesoscience Facial session fully meets your expectations.

Sun Protection

It’s important to limit your time in the sun before your Mesoscience Facial session. Your skin can become more sensitive from too much sun exposure, which raises the possibility of problems during therapy. We advise daily use of sunscreen with a high SPF to shield your hydrated skin from damaging UV rays. This easy action makes a big difference in the outcome of your procedure and the condition of your skin.

Skin Care Routine

It’s critical that you follow any pre-treatment skincare advice given by our knowledgeable staff in the days preceding your Mesoscience Facial session. Using particular skincare products to get your skin ready for the process or avoiding particular skincare corrective products that can potentially interfere with the treatment are two examples of this advice. To make sure that your skin is prepared for the Mesoscience Facial, your skincare specialist will provide you specific instructions.

No Active Infections or Skin Irritations

Make sure there are no active illnesses or irritants on your skin. Cold sores, open wounds, and other skin irritations in the treatment region fall under this category. The Mesoscience Facial works best on skin that is healthy and free of defects. You may contribute to ensuring a successful and secure aesthetic treatment experience by following this rule.

How Should You Care for Your Skin After a Mesoscience Facial?

Stay Hydrated

The key to keeping a glowing, youthful complexion is skin detox and hydration. Maintaining moisturized skin is crucial after receiving a Mesoscience Facial. To calm your skin and retain moisture, use a mild, moisturizing moisturizer. This not only offers comfort but also encourages skin health, giving your face a refreshed and firmer appearance.

Gentle Cleansing
Use a mild and non-irritating cleanser to clean your skin in the days following your Mesoscience Facial treatment. As your skin is in a delicate post-treatment phase, avoid using abrasive scrubs or harsh exfoliants that may harm it.
Sun Protection
During the post-treatment phase, it is crucial to protect your skin from direct sunlight. It is advised to limit your exposure to the sun for the first few days after your Mesoscience Facial. Even a small amount of sun exposure might increase your skin’s sensitivity and could harm the way your therapy works. If you must be outside, wear sunscreen with a high SPF and think about wearing a wide-brimmed hat or doing other sun protection measures.
Avoid Makeup
For at least the first day after your Mesoscience Facial treatment, or as advised by our skincare specialists, refrain from wearing makeup. Applying makeup while your skin is healing could potentially clog the microchannels that the procedure generated. By choosing a makeup-free period, you can make sure that your skin can heal completely and benefit to the most from the procedure.
Follow Expert Recommendations
Our knowledgeable skincare specialists will give you post-treatment advice that are tailored to the particular requirements of your skin. To maximize your outcomes, these suggestions can involve using particular post-treatment items, more effective treatments, or other tailored measures. It’s essential to carefully adhere to their instructions in order to guarantee the best outcome and a relaxing recovery.


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Yes, you can enhance and tailor your results by using the Mesoscience Facial in conjunction with other skincare procedures or other skincare treatments. Roha Medical Spa’s knowledgeable skin care specialists can collaborate with you to develop a personalized strategy that takes into account your particular skin care needs and objectives. A versatile part of an all-encompassing skincare routine, Mesoscience Facial can be used to address a variety of issues, including age, pigmentation, and texture.

After a Mesoscience Facial, it is advised to wait at least 24 hours before wearing makeup. This waiting period ensures the greatest outcomes and enables your skin to completely recover from the procedure. You may reap the full rewards of the procedure and prevent any potential interference with the microchannels formed during the session by allowing your skin this amount of time to heal.
Adults of all ages are typically seen to be safe when receiving a Mesoscience Facial. Your unique skin condition and ideal treatment needs will be evaluated during your appointment with one of our knowledgeable skin care specialists to decide whether the procedure is appropriate for you. Mesoscience Facial is a flexible option for people of various ages because it can be customized to target your particular skin care needs whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or beyond.
The Mesoscience Facial is usually not uncomfortable. Many people discover it to be a cozy and calming experience. You can feel a slight tingling sensation throughout the procedure, but this is usually tolerable. For individuals looking to rejuvenate their skin, the low discomfort and possible advantages make it a rewarding experience.

Depending on your unique skin state, goals, and the particular concerns you want to address, the number of Mesoscience Facial treatments advised for the best outcomes may change. A series of fantastic treatments is frequently advised to get the greatest and longest-lasting results. Roha Medical Spa’s skincare specialists will give you a specific treatment plan during your consultation that details the suggested number of sessions depending on your particular needs.

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