Oxygeneo Body Treatment

Oxygeneo Body Treatment

At Roha Medical Spa, transform how you care for yourself with our Oxygeneo Body Treatment. Your skin will glow with every session, and you will exude confidence. Our experts are available to assist you in having a restorative experience. To start your path to glowing, revitalized skin, click to schedule your glowing appointment right now.


What is Oxygeneo Body Treatment?

The ultimate skincare innovation, the Oxygeneo Body Treatment at Roha Medical Spa, provides a sumptuous and rejuvenating experience. This multi-step treatment, which focuses on three essential processes that bring out your skin’s natural shine, skillfully blends cutting-edge technology with skilled care to provide remarkable results.

How Does It Work?

The Oxygeneo Body Treatment at Roha Medical Spa starts with a mild exfoliating procedure. Highly advanced technology releases CO2 bubbles, which combine with the applicator to produce a slight vibration that eliminates dead skin cells. This thorough exfoliation not only smooths the skin’s surface but also primes it for maximum nutritional absorption, laying the groundwork for the subsequent phases of transformation.
Oxygeneo technology produces CO2 bubbles on the skin’s surface during the oxygenation phase to stimulate vitality from the inside. This creates a natural reaction that improves oxygenation from within. In addition to giving the skin an instant glow, this increase in oxygen levels accelerates the skin’s absorption of active ingredients, encouraging the formation of collagen and starting a regeneration process that revitalizes the texture and tone of the skin.
The application of a nutrient-rich gel to the skin is the highlight of the Oxygeneo Body Treatment. This meticulously blended elixir leaves the skin feeling well nourished and revitalized, with a noticeable glow. The infusion process guarantees a comprehensive rejuvenation, supplying the skin with the necessary nutrients for long-lasting beauty, going beyond surface-level treatment. At Roha Medical Spa, the harmony of exfoliation, oxygenation, and infusion creates a skincare treatment that transforms and brings out the skin’s inherent brilliance.



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Benefits of Oxygeneo Body Treatment

Oxygeneo Body Treatment is well known for its capacity to bring the skin’s brightness and radiance to life. The treatment encourages the removal of dull, dead skin cells, revealing your skin’s natural brightness by blending exfoliation, oxygenation, and infusion. The end effect is a radiant, long-lasting shine that improves the overall tone of your skin.
A nutrient-rich gel is applied as part of the Oxygeneo Body Treatment’s infusion phase. The purpose of this gel is to leave the skin feeling hydrated and supple. The introduction of vital components guarantees that your skin gets the nutrition it requires, which helps your skin look younger and more revitalized.
The exfoliating method used by Oxygeneo helps to refine and smooth the texture of the skin. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and renewed after the treatment, which helps lessen the appearance of rough spots by eliminating dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover.
The Oxygeneo Body Treatment’s oxygenation phase is essential for promoting the synthesis of collagen. One important protein that gives skin its firmness and suppleness is collagen. The procedure lessens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging the production of collagen, which results in a more resilient and youthful-looking skin texture.
The Oxygeneo Body Treatment helps to reduce the visibility of pores. Smoother skin texture and a more refined complexion are the results of the treatment’s ability to unclog and refine pores through the exfoliation process and the infusion of therapeutic components.
Oxygeneo Body Treatment promotes skin cell renewal by increasing cellular turnover. Over time, this procedure helps the skin’s surface regenerate continuously over time, giving the complexion a more vibrant and youthful appearance.
Oxygeneo Body Treatment’s all-encompassing method tackles uneven pigmentation by nourishing the skin with nutrients and exfoliating it. As a result, there may be a decrease in the visibility of dark spots and hyperpigmentation and an improvement in skin tone.
Oxygeneo Body Treatment’s exfoliating and oxygenation stages create an ideal environment for improved product absorption. This implies that after the procedure, your skin is more responsive to skincare products, increasing the benefits of your post-treatment skincare regimen.

Why Choose Us for Your Oxygeneo Body Treatment?

Personalized Precision

Every Oxygeneo Body Treatment at Roha Medical Spa is carefully customized to your specific skin type and issues. Our knowledgeable experts evaluate your particular requirements to guarantee a customized strategy that optimizes outcomes.

Immediate Glow and Lasting Results

After the first session, feel the instant and long-lasting radiance that Oxygeneo Body Treatment frequently offers. Our dedication extends beyond quick fixes, laying the groundwork for ongoing improvements via follow-up procedures.

Comfortable Luxury

Beyond its transformational qualities, Roha Medical Spa’s Oxygeneo Body Treatment is meant to be a cozy and opulent encounter. Our spa atmosphere enables you to relax and indulge in a skincare routine that goes above and beyond expectations.

Expertise and Commitment

For the knowledge and dedication we offer to your skincare journey, choose Roha Medical Spa. Our experts are committed to your well-being and will make sure that your Oxygeneo Body Treatment is a life-changing experience rather than just a session.

Radiant Transformation

This is where your road to radiant, renewed skin starts. Discover the difference at Roha Medical Spa, where a dedication to your radiant transformation, a blend of experience, and individualized care come together.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Roha Medical Spa, we take great satisfaction in providing your body treatment using cutting-edge Oxygeneo technology. You will receive the newest and most potent skincare procedures available thanks to our dedication to staying on the cutting edge of innovation.

Customized Skincare Programs

Our professionals at Roha Medical Spa can design customized skincare regimens to meet your long-term objectives after your treatment session. We offer thorough counsel to help your ongoing skincare journey, whether it’s maintaining radiance or treating specific challenges.

Relaxing Environment

Experience the peaceful and welcoming surroundings of Roha Medical Spa. We are aware that the skincare process depends heavily on relaxing. The atmosphere of our spa is intended to be a refuge where you can relax and completely experience the restorative benefits of your Oxygeneo Body Treatment.

Educational Approach

We think that providing our clients with skin-related knowledge is important. The skincare experts at Roha Medical Spa adopt a teaching stance, offering advice on good skincare techniques and guiding you through the advantages of the Oxygeneo Body Treatment in relation to your particular skin type.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our first goal is to make you happy. Your Oxygeneo Body Treatment will go above and above at Roha Medical Spa, we promise. Our commitment to delivering a satisfying and happy experience at every visit is demonstrated by our customer satisfaction guarantee.



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A normal Oxygeneo Body Treatment session lasts between sixty and ninety minutes. This timeline enables a thorough multi-step procedure, guaranteeing that every stage has enough time to develop and produce the best outcomes.
For best and long-lasting effects, a course of treatments is usually advised, though some patients may experience benefits right away after the first session. The precise number of sessions may differ depending on the needs, requirements, and goals of each individual client as well as the evaluation of our skincare specialists at Roha Medical Spa.
Oxygeneo Body Treatment is appropriate for people of all ages. Its versatility makes it a flexible option for a wide spectrum of clientele, and there is no hard age limit. Regardless of age, the therapy is tailored to each person’s unique skincare needs.
Pregnant women should see their doctor before having any cosmetic operations done, even though Oxygeneo Body Treatment is usually thought to be safe. By taking this precaution, the mother and the child’s safety and well-being are guaranteed.
After an Oxygeneo Body Treatment session, there are usually no significant limits. On the other hand, prolonged sun exposure should be avoided, and our skincare experts may provide you with particular post-treatment guidelines. To maximize the therapeutic advantages, clients are urged to adhere to these directions.

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