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Come experience Roha Medspa, where we use the revolutionary process of microneedling Etobicoke to reshape the skincare industry. We provide more than just skincare with our Microneedling amazing services in Etobicoke; they revitalize the natural beauty of your skin and enhance its youthful, vibrant shine. Start your journey toward a brighter and more revitalized complexion at Roha Medspa and discover the potential of microneedling.


What is Microneedling TREATMENT ?

Microneedling is an innovative skincare procedure that enhances your skin’s natural healing processes. It’s never looked better. Here at our Etobicoke facility, we meticulously create microchannels on the skin’s surface using state-of-the-art equipment. This meticulous process not only promotes collagen formation but also facilitates the absorption of regenerative serums. Your skin takes on an entirely new appearance; it becomes firmer, smoother, and has an attractive freshness to it.



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Benefits of Microneedling TREATMENT

Microneedling is a powerful stimulant for increased production of collagen growth, which is essential for maintaining skin suppleness. This procedure helps to reveal a complexion that looks more youthful and refreshed by significantly reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles.
One of the main factors contributing to the better absorption of skincare products is the microchannels that are painstakingly created during the microneedling procedure. This increased absorption boosts the ingredients that are applied more effectively, ensuring that every cosmetic treatment reaches its full potential for life-changing effects.
Say goodbye to uneven skin texture with traditional microneedling’s transforming powers. This innovative approach corrects texture imperfections by revitalizing and smoothing the skin’s surface. The end effect is a firm skin texture that is more harmonic and polished and radiates fresh glow energy.
Microneedling proves to be an invaluable ally in reducing the visibility of active acne scars, particularly acne-related ones. By inducing the skin’s natural healing process, microneedling helps to promote smoother, more even-toned skin by diminishing the appearance of scars.
Microneedling can be used to reveal a glowing, youthful, and refined appearance. The procedure promotes skin cell renewal and a natural turnover, which revitalizes your complexion from the inside out. Embrace a glowing brightness that reflects how refreshed and renewed your skin is.

Why Choose Us for Your Microneedling in Etobicoke?

Expert Practitioners

Trust our skincare professionals at Roha Medspa to take special care of your skin. With a focus on microneedling, our team of exceptionally experienced professionals guarantees a customized and safe treatment to meet your skin’s specific requirements. Our practitioners skillfully and precisely guide you through a skin rejuvenation journey, utilizing their deep understanding of the complexities of Microneedling.

Modern Technology

At Roha Medspa, where innovation and skincare come together, start your journey with microneedling. With our modern technology, you may experience Microneedling with the highest level of precision and the best possible outcomes. Enjoy the potential of our modern technology to experience innovative skincare excitement, and stay ahead of the latest developments in skincare innovations.

Relaxing Ambience

Enjoy the peace of Roha Medspa, where microneedling is more than just a procedure—it’s a restorative experience. Our calm environment has been carefully designed to promote relaxation, ensuring that your innovative treatment is not only successful but also genuinely enjoyable. Allow the calming ambiance to take you to a new level of relaxation and renewal on your skincare journey.

Client-Centric Approach

At Roha Medspa, your comfort and contentment come first. Using a client-centric approach, we give priority to your particular requirements, worries, and preferences. At Roha Medspa, our practitioners take the time to listen intently, gain a thorough understanding of your needs, and then customize our microneedling procedures to meet those needs in a smooth, customized skincare experience.

Proven Results

Join a group of people who have experienced the game-changing potential of microneedling and eDermaStamp Microneedling at Roha Medspa. Accompany innumerable others in discovering the rejuvenation of your skin, revealing a glowing, youthful complexion. Our history of successful outcomes speaks for itself, reassuring you that at Roha Medspa, achieving healthier, more vibrant skin conditions is both attainable and rewarding.



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Using microneedling to achieve notable results is a customized process. Although each person needs a different number of sessions, most of our customers experience noticeable improvements after three to six sessions. This customized method guarantees that you will see noticeable improvements that correspond with the particular needs and goals of your skin type.
You might have some little redness and swelling after microneedling, but don’t worry—these short-term side effects usually go away in a day or two. Because of the short recovery period, you can quickly go back to your regular activities and make sure that the life-changing effects of microneedling don’t interfere too much with your daily schedule.
Your skincare regimen after microneedling is very important, and our practitioners are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcomes. Personalized post-care advice, such as which skincare products to avoid, will be provided. This meticulous instruction makes sure that you follow your skincare routine precisely, reducing the possibility of any irritations and optimizing the results of the microneedling procedure.
Relax in a 60-minute microneedling session, which enables our practitioners to precisely treat specified regions and address specific concerns. Depending on the areas being treated and the specific skincare objectives you want to accomplish, the length of the session may change, ensuring a thorough and efficient treatment tailored to your needs.
Depending on your specific radiant skin goals, microneedling can be effortlessly integrated with other skincare treatments, embracing versatility in skincare. The total efficacy of your skincare journey will be increased by our practitioners’ skillful creation of a customized skin care plan that incorporates Microneedling with complementary therapies. Because of this customized approach, you will be provided with a thorough skincare regimen that is specifically built to meet your demands and enhance its transformational power.
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